Brief Introduction to NIRT

Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology (NIRT), approved by the Government of Jiangsu Province and filed on record in the National Education of Ministry, is a full-time government-run higher vocational college, a provincial vocational model college. Founded in 1941, it was named No.1 Vocational Middle School of Nanjing. Administered directly under the Ministry of Railway in 1955, it was named Nanjing Railway Transportation School. In 2002, it was promoted to be higher vocational institute of technology and renamed as Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology. In 2004, it was officially transferred to the administration of Jiangsu Province Government from the Ministry of Railway.

Through over 70 years' difficulties and hardships,NIRT adhered to setting up moral value, cultivating people as fundamental task of education, dedicating itself to developing railway industry, shouldering the historical responsibilities of serving the society. Striving to be strong, NJRT inherited the fine traditions of the school, bred enormously rich cultural heritages, trained a large number of high-quality skilled personnel and gained a good social reputation.

Since its upgradation to college, the development of the institute's undertakings has turned a new page of its history. NIRT passed the first evaluation of the talent training of polytechnic colleges directed by Ministry of Education and was assessed as "excellent” level, and it successfully became province-level model higher vocational collegel. After starting using the new campus of Pukou, NIRT innovated the system of educational provision and operation, carried out strategic cooperation with industries and local large enterprise and implemented order training. NIRT boasted high-level comprehensive practice training base, jointly run school with other related colleges and also conducted collaborative innovation with them. Besides, NIRT jointly established College Students Pioneer Park, Science and Technology Industrial Park with government authorities and enterprises. The quality of talent-training has enhanced greatly after its reformation of training modes. Through almost 10 years' struggle, its overall strength has significantly risen and career development has entered a new historical period.

NIRT is based on Jiangsu, facing the whole country, putting the focus on Yangtze River Delta area and keeping a foothold on railway and urban mass transit industry. Mainly serving the local economy , it insists on openly running the college with typical characteristics, committing itself to training first-class skilled talents , promoting the educational and teaching reform,constructing the bases for cultivating high skilled talents of railway industry in Yangtze River Delta, for developing applied technology research, for transforming achievement and for transmitting railway culture. Through these years, NIRT has been striving to build college into famous rail transit higher vocational schools with features and international influence.