Image of NIRT

School badge

1.The school badge is geometrically changed Chinese phonetic letters "NT" (shorten name for Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology in Chinese), which is a round graph composed of lines, arc and 1941.

2.Speeding train in the graph embodies the industry characteristics of railway and rail transit.

3.Modeling design of the school badge is a flying bird, which implies that the students of NIRT will forge ahead and advance with times.

4.The school badge on the whole is round and the speedy-feeling track on it conveys that the students of NIRT are united, dedicated striving forward and challenging the future.

School ethos

Unity, Discipline, Objectivity and Innovation

Teaching style

Loving Students And Enjoying Learning, Seeking High Knowledge And High Skills

Style of study

Combining Ability With Political Integrity, Advancing With Technology And Regulation